ASAI Networking Event 2024

Tuesday, July 23, 2024, 15:30-18:30

The Austrian Society for Artificial Intelligence (ASAI) is planning a networking event to bring together experts, researchers, and enthusiasts from all over the country. This event aims to provide a platform for attendees to share their knowledge, insights, and ideas on the latest developments in AI and to foster new collaborations and partnerships. With a diverse lineup of project presentations and AI community members, the event promises to be an exciting and informative experience for all participants.

WU Wien, Campus

The event is co-located with the International Conference on Machine Learning 2024. The idea is to bring together researchers in the broader area of AI for networking and discussions.

During the event, the Austrian Society for Artificial Intelligence awards the best Master Theses / Diploma Thesis Prize in order to promote young researchers who work in the area of Artificial Intelligence.

Research Group Presentations

During the event, we aim to provide a platform for AI research groups in Austria to showcase themselves and their projects via five-minute short presentations where participating groups have the opportunity to

  • present their unit or organization,
  • present research questions their group currently works on,
  • and their state-of-the-art projects and products.


There will be two types of registrations: one for presenters and one for participants who will not give a group presentation.

  • More information on group presentations is available on the Call page, as well as a link to the application form to register as a presenter.
  • Registration for other participants is possible via the Registration page, where you find a link to the registration form.

Presentation and participation are free of charge, but registration is required for organizational purposes.

Important Dates

  • June 7 (extended): Submit the name and short description of your research group
  • June 21: Submission of group’s slides & poster
  • July 23, 15:30-18:30: ASAI Networking Event

Networking and Discussions

The main goal of the event is networking and enabling new collaborations and discussion amongst Austrian AI researchers, in line with the goals of ASAI and Uniko, recently published in a joint position paper [1], to strengthen the community and, apart from research, to also discuss broader topics such as Austria’s AI strategy [2] and the role of the academic Austrian research community within.


[1] Bernhard Moser, Georg Dorffner, Thomas Eiter, Wolfgang Faber, Günter Klambauer, Robert Legenstein, Bernhard Nessler, Axel Polleres, and Stefan Woltran. Österreichische AI Strategie aus Sicht der Wissenschaft: Forderungen der ASAI zu einer konkreten AI Strategie in Österreich. OCG Journal, 01/2020:14–17, 2020. Invited article (in German).

[2] ASAI Statement on Austria’s AI Strategy 2021 (in german)